4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Travel Post:  Going on vacation?  What’s the first thing you do?  Book a flight?  Book a hotel room?  Nope!  You start researching where to eat.  There are numerous websites to assist you, but who just might be your best resource?  The locals.  We talked to a few locals about where to get a good burger in Daytona Beach.  They sent us packing!

They sent us 20 miles southwest of Daytona Beach to DeLand Municipal Airport.  Just outside the airport, you can watch planes take off and land, from your table.  You can even see skydivers jump out of perfectly good airplanes.  They’ve got a great outdoor patio and bar.  The burger, a 1/2 pound, Angus beef patty.  Charred nicely, seasoned pretty well and had some juiciness to it.  I chose White American cheese.  I added bacon, a couple strips, perfectly cooked.  A couple slices of fresh tomatoes, a thicker slice of red onion and a thin leaf of lettuce sit below the patty.  A good, toasted bun holds in all in nicely.  It’s a solid burger.  We got some of their delicious tiger sauce for our fries.  I’d get an extra side and pour some on the burger to make it even better.

It’s a quick drive from the beach and a very cool spot for a burger, a cold beverage and some interesting things to watch.

French Fries – Delicious!  Get some tiger sauce for dipping.

Jalapeño Poppers – Fantastic!  Unlike poppers you are used to.  Wonton wrappers filled with cream cheese and chopped jalapeños.  The sweet & spicy dipping sauce is the perfect companion!