5.0 out of 5.0 stars

One thing I’ve learned being down in the Tampa area for the last 11 months is that there are Food Trucks/Trailers everywhere.  I drive by so many and wonder if I’m missing something by not stopping?  What’s their food like?  What is their story?  My latest Food Truck visit has me making sure my eyes are open at all times and my pen is writing places down.

Owners Al & Elizabeth, opened up for business 3 years ago.  They have a passion for food and enjoy serving their food to anyone who stops by.  The smile on their patrons faces makes the long hours worth it.  Their love language is creating and eating amazing food together.  They spend many nights perfecting dinners, and when they enjoy something very much, they put it on the board.  They take recipes from all around the world and add a little A&E touch.  Their menu has 5 different hot dogs, it has burritos, tacos, bagels, a fried green blt and a take & bake chicken pot pie.

Yes, the menu has a few different burgers on any given day.  One burger that’s a mainstay on the menu is the Steak Smash Burger.  This one must have taken a while to perfect at home, and they knocked it out of the park.  It’s amazing!  They grind the beef daily.  It’s 100% 80/20 Black Angus ground beef, blended with Angus eye round steak and a lot of butter.  The two 1/4 patties are smashed to the perfect thickness, have a wonderful char on them, are super juicy and seasoned well.  Al cooks them up any way you want them.  Pick your cheese, American for me.  Onions?  Yep.  Al grilled up some red onions.  They are cut and grilled perfectly.  I asked for pickles.  I got super thin, sliced dill pickles in spades.  The last of my requests was some kind of tasty aioli, mayo or sauce.  Al offered up some of his “Awesome Sauce”, which couldn’t be any more descriptive of how it was.  The last component is a wonderful, toasted, sesame seed, brioche bun.

The next time you’re out driving and you see a Food Truck parked behind some trees, next to a gas station, hit the brakes, they just might have a Top 10 Burger.