5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I finally made a visit to Ybor City, the historic cigar capital of the world, back in the day.  I had my eye on a couple places where I could enjoy my first Cuban sandwich since I moved down here, but I stumbled across a post that proclaimed the Best Burger in Tampa was in Ybor.  Seeing I have this Burger thing going on, I thought I better check it out first.

Who am I to say what the Best Burger in Tampa is?  Wait, I guess I’m kind of expected to do that.

I’m not ready to make the proclamation that this is the Best Burger in Tampa, but I am ready to say this classic smash burger is fantastic!  Two 3ish oz. thin patties with a nice char, seasoned well and juicy enough for me.  Plenty of American cheese with a few thicker sliced pickles on top.  They finish it off with their flavorful fancy sauce and some perfectly diced raw red onions, sprinkled around in that sauce.  All on a solid, toasted bun.

This is your classic smash and it’s lit.  In fact, I wanted to light up one of Ybor’s best cigars to celebrate.