5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Jucy Lucy was created in Minnesota, but the Smashburger is the current king of the court back in the MPLS/STP metro area.  I’ve been keeping an eye out for my first Florida smash.  It was a beach day that turned into a burger day.  St. Pete was the destination.  A damn good Smashburger was the prize!

This is your classic Smashburger done right.  Two 3oz. brisket, short rib & chuck beef patties, smashed thin, getting that nice char we love.  Seasoned and juicy just enough to satisfy.  The American cheese is melted beautifully.  It’s a nice soft local bakery brioche bun that’s toasted lightly.  The Burger Sauce is a tasty blend of pickles, ketchup & mustard, and I wish I had even more of it.

The BCB burger is the same as their Classic burger, but they add a couple slices of perfectly cooked bacon and they throw on some nicely textured caramelized onions.  This is what you look for in a Smashburger.  It’s worth a stop if you want to experience one of the Best Burgers in St. Pete!

I’m going to say the meat to bun ratio can easily handle a third patty.  You can add one if you desire.  I will.  Let me know.  Two works just fine as well.

I loved the bigger, thicker style fries that were salted nicely and the smoked paprika based fry sauce is wonderful.  Get a couple sides of it.