4.5 out of 5.0 stars

It’s time to get this Florida Burger Blog Journey kicked off!

When I first knew I was moving to Florida, I started following a bunch of Tampa area restaurants on Instagram as one would expect. There is a Burger place that caught my eye right away with all of their drool inducing videos. What I love about this place is their creativity and that they execute on it. They put different things out there. They live “outside the burger box”. The They, are owners Gabe and his wife Ashley. Some cool menu items include the Mac N Cheese burger, the Arepa burger and the Waffle burger, as well a different grilled cheeses and a few empanadas to choose from.

Jay & E (yes, just E) were manning the Food Truck fortress when I stopped in. I asked about what burger to try first and I got about 5 different first time recommendations. Thanks for narrowing it down for me, guys. I had been eye-balling their cheesesteaks as well as their burgers, so I went with the Cheesesteak Burger. I’m glad I did. This one will take care of your appetite for sure. It’s a half pound of 80/20 ground chuck. You can tell them what temp you’d like it cooked. It was juicy enough and seasoned just enough. American cheese is melted nicely on top. Below the patty is a good amount of chopped bacon, and ranch dressing is drizzled on top of the bacon.

What I think makes this burger extra special is the cheesesteak component. The tender chopped sirloin and caramelized onions on top with a little more ranch drizzle, tapped me on the shoulder and said, this is really good together. The brioche bun is a good one and it’s toasted on the grill beautifully and gets that nice crispy ring around the outside.

I was very happy with my first official Florida burger to talk about. I’m exited to return to @burgerculturetampa, and hit the Lutz location as well.

The Carrollwood location is pretty cool. It’s a Food Truck with a large patio built around it. Stop and say Hi to Jay and E and tell them I sent you.