5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The first burger I reviewed down here in Tampa after my move was at Burger Culture.  I went with the Cheesesteak Burger.  The beef patty was topped with chopped sirloin.  It was fantastic.  I’ve been back to try their BCGC, which is a grilled cheese with a burger patty inside, and it was great.  But, I really wanted to break things down and get to the basics of the burger.

If you look at the Burger Culture menu, you’ll see so many brilliant burger creations.  I’ve said Wow many times, but how is the beef itself?  Well, it’s nothing short of amazing!  It’s an 8oz. 80/20 fine grind.  It’s SO juicy, seasoned wonderfully and beautifully, medium temped.  I chose American cheese, which was melted nicely.  I wanted sautéed onions.  They are delicious and plentiful.  I love how they cut and grill their onions.  Pickles for me.  They do them a little differently.  They are thin, full length, sliced pickle planks.  Totally Satisfied.  I’ve had a few of their sauces.  The pink sauce is my favorite.  Delicious!  It’s oozing out all over the place.  The brioche bun is toasted perfectly and it’s a great bun.

The first two pics are the half pound single.  I had to make it a double on my next visit, which was the next day.  A one pound behemoth.  Those are the last two pics.  Meat sweats?  Oh yeah!  I loved it.

What I want to emphasize is this.  When you are ordering all of these different burgers with all of these different toppings, like chopped sirloin, mojo pork, hash browns, mac & cheese, onion rings, etc., you can be sure the beef patty itself is rock solid.  Make sure you get a straight up cheeseburger every now and then, single or double.  It’s a fantastic burger.

Owner Gabe happened to be manning the food truck both days up at the very cool Lutz restaurant area.  It was fun to talk burgers with him.  He’s a brilliant burger mind.