4.0 out of 5.0 stars

This place is a popular choice to get a good burger and a shake around the Tampa area.

I ran across a Burger Monger review from @eatdrinkandbemandy. That was all I needed.
I ordered online and got the Blaz’n Bacon Blue Burger as is, but I did request to add extra spicy sriracha mayo. You can add or remove pretty much anything you want to your burgers.
The standard 1/3 pound patty is a blend of sirloin and chuck. It’s cooked to a medium well temp. The char was good. The seasoning was fine. That patty was adequately juicy as well. Chunks of Blue Cheese were scattered over it. Some melted on the patty, which was good. The blue cheese bite was not overpowering at all, but gave me enough. The applewood smoked bacon was cooked spot on for me. Not too crispy.

Below the patty were a couple of fresh tomato slices, sliced onions and some tasty, thick cut sliced pickles. All of these seemed very fresh. The spicy sriracha sauce is money! I loved it and they poured it on for me too. The combination of the sauce and the veggies bathing in it was messy and delicious. The soft, challah bun was nice.

You can upgrade the beef patty to Akaushi if you like. I’ll give that a try next time.

The menu offers build your own burgers as well as a few specialty burgers. Burgers, hot dogs, chicken and shakes are what they do. Check them out. There are currently three locations.