4.0 out of 5.0 stars

We all know the great combinations in our history.  Peanut Butter & Jelly, Bacon & Eggs and Chips & Dip to name a few.  I found what seems to be a strange combination, yet might be the next big thing.

One method of smashing a beef patty that has become pretty popular, is to smash it super thin and then smash it a little further, just around the edges of the patty.  This creates a lacey, crispy edge that people like. @burgersandbeignets uses this method.  If this type of smash is your jam, you need to make the trip here.

They use two 3oz. beef patties and smash them very flat and then again around the edges.  Most of what is outside the bun are the crispy edges of the patties.  Further inside the beef does get a little thicker.  The patties were seasoned well.  The char was perfect.  They were as juicy as I could expect being smashed that thin.

I chose American cheese, you can also choose beer cheese.  The smashburgers are doubles, but only the top patty gets cheese.  Make sure you add it on the second patty if you want that.  I do.  The thinner sliced onions were great, but I would have liked even more.  A lot more.  You can choose your sliced pickles, either bread n butter or house pickles.  Both pickles were equally good.

Their special burger sauce is delicious and they gave me a good amount.  The bun is nicely toasted.  It is just a little on the denser side as opposed to the airy side.  It’s a good bun.

I did order one Onion Smash Burger as is and one with extra cheese and extra onions.  The “extra” order did get me a slice of cheese on the second patty and a few more onions.  Just a few.

I enjoyed the Onion Smash Burger a lot and would certainly recommend it.  If you haven’t had this type of burger experience, put it on your list.  It’s very different from your classic 1/2 pound single patty burger.

The Beignets were delicious.  One cool thing is, not only can you get the traditional powdered sugar version, you can also get glazed, cinnamon sugar, fruity pebbles, cookies & creme and Cinnamon Toast Crunch or you can kick it up a notch and get cannoli filled or strawberry shortcake.  I loved the powdered sugar and the cannoli filled were amazing.  If you don’t feel like a burger (said no one ever), stop by for a beignet or a dozen beignets.  Please don’t ask me if this is the Florida Beignet Blog.