3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Even though I usually opt to try a restaurants signature burger, sometimes there is one that stands out so much, it doesn’t matter what burger I should get.  Does a Mac & Cheese bun quality as different?  I think it does.

This burger was featured on Good Morning America.  It’s a conversation starter for sure.  The buns are fried Mac & Cheese patties in a square shape.  The outside has a nice crispy feel to it and the inside is soft and creamy Mac & Cheese noodles.  It is bacon-jalapeño infused.  I was pretty impressed with how solid and crispy they were in my hand.  Don’t expect the Mac & Cheese to be oozing with the creaminess of eating it out of a bowl.  I thought they constructed it pretty well though.

In between these cheesy buns is a brisket, short rib and chuck blend of beef.  The two patties are cooked to a medium well temp.  The juiciness was ok, but I would have liked them seasoned a little more.  American cheese tops the patties.  A couple tomato slices, a few pickles, a leaf of lettuce and a few sliced raw red onions sit below the patties.  Some more creaminess would have been nice.  Maybe some melty Mac & Cheese placed on top of the patty?  Maybe some aioli?

They say you might need a knife and fork.  I say just grab this beast with both hands and go at it.  If you want to try something different and unique, this certainly is.  It was a pretty fun burger experience.

There are a couple other burger options on their very large menu.