4.5 out of 5.0 stars

A lot of people around the Tampa Bay area will mention this spot when you ask them about their favorite burgers.  For whatever reason, it’s been elusive for me until recently.  With an extensive menu of unbelievable burger creations, picking one is no small feat.  I threw a dart and hit a bullseye.

This ain’t the little Engine that could, this is a burger locomotive that’s not slowing down anytime soon.  They pick up awards at every stop.

The Demi-God Burger is a great burger to start with and get a preview of how much you’ll enjoy these burgers.

An elite 8oz. Prime Angus beef patty is where it all starts.  Perfectly pink, tender & juicy and seasoned pretty well.  A tasty blend of cheddar and Swiss blankets the patty.  What’s good with Swiss?  Sautéed mushrooms.  With the mushrooms, they add a few caramelized red onions that add flavor and are cut nicely.  The flavor bomb here is their, Oh so good, horseradish mayo.  It’s got just enough kick to make you notice.  It delicious.  A solid toasted bun cradles it all.

Engine No. 9 burgers is a great place to catch a Bolt’s game or hit before a Ray’s game.