4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Driving by on Highway 56, you might think it’s an airplane hangar.  It’s not.  The only thing lifting off will be your entertainment and enjoyment level.

You could park a fleet of planes inside this structure.  They have a taproom, a restaurant, a beer garden, a beer cave, an arcade area, a covered patio, a production facility, and a private events area for weddings and receptions.  That certainly doesn’t cover it all.

Let’s talk smash burger.  Two quarter pound patties, a heavy char.  I’d like a little more seasoning and a little more juiciness.  American cheese is a good choice.  The sautéed onions and the bacon are chopped.  I liked both of them chopped, but would have liked a few more onions and a lot more of the chopped bacon.  The roasted jalapeño aioli had a nice flavor to it.  The Kaiser roll was toasted perfectly and had a nice soft feel to it.  Overall, a solid smash burger.

I loved the cheese curds, the buffalo smoked gouda mac & cheese and the churros.

A very cool place to stop for a beer and some good food.