5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The second half of 2023 brought me to Tampa and I got my feet wet in the Burger scene down here.  I’ve had a lot of good burgers and a few great burgers.  I have a feeling that 2024 is going to be a really good Burger year.  Let’s kick it off the right way!

If you go back a few posts, I talked about a couple of fantastic Smashburgers at @boulontampa & @uniontampa.  Both restaurants are part of the @nextlevelbrandstampa family.  @eatforbici is also in that restaurant group.  After prioritizing the other burgers, I honestly thought I would check out Forbici when I could, but hadn’t really made it a priority.  Maybe I thought the meatballs or the pasta might be focused on more than the burger?

Then @jeff_gigante told me that some people actually think the Forbici Burger might be the best burger of their brands.  I told him, you can’t tell me that after I’ve just had two 5 Star burgers at Boulon & Union.  So much for waiting to hit Forbici.

Those “some people” might be right!  The Forbici Burger takes a totally different path to deliciousness than their other Smashburgers take.

The chuck, short rib & brisket blended patty, is a thick one, not a smashburger.  I love a nice thick, juicy, seasoned patty.  This is cooked over a flame and was temped to medium.  Besides the tender, juicy beef, the other star of this show is the bacon & onion jam.  Amazing!  The sweet and savory flavor will dazzle you.  Don’t worry about losing any of that jam, they put it right on the patty and then melt white American cheese over it.  Mayo is swiped on the top bun.  A Bibb leaf of lettuce protects the bottom bun from the fresh, juicy slice of tomato under the patty.  The potato bun is nice and soft and toasted beautifully.
This is the thick pattied burger you want to experience.  I’ve had it twice.  Both times it was fantastic.  It is only available during Lunch.

Forbici St. Pete is coming later this year.