5.0 out of 5.0 stars

If I’m looking through a bar/restaurants beer menu and I see a very clever or strange beer name, it’s a good bet I’ll try it.  In looking for my next good burger, I came across an establishment whose name caught my eye and made me chuckle a little bit.

You might be giggling after a couple alcoholic beverages in this modern speakeasy setting, but this is one serious patty melt.  The menu states it might be the world’s greatest patty melt.  They just might be right!

I talk a lot about stars of the show when I describe burgers.  The GiggleMelt doesn’t have a star, it has many stars.  The beef, the cheese, and the garlic toast.  I’ll start with the 6oz. Wagyu patty from halperns.  So tender and juicy.  Owner Rachel, has done extensive research and fully believes it’s the juiciest, tenderest beef you can find.  It gets flame kissed to a nice medium temp.  That’s Star #1.  Star #2 is their house made pimento cheese.  Simply incredible flavor.  What adds to that flavor are some roasted and charred poblano peppers.  Any burgers I’ve had with pimento cheese have had it spread on and served in a chilled state.  Not on the GiggleMelt.  The cheese is spread on Star #3, the garlic toast, and the Wagyu patty is placed inside.  The garlic toast is grilled on the flattop, melting that incredible pimento cheese with some sauteed onions, giving it the perfect toasted crunch and completely encasing the Wagyu patty in its goodness.  Add on some of their tasty home made thousand island sauce and it’s a taste party waiting to happen.  The patty is round and the garlic toast is square so you won’t get beef with every bite, but all of that melted cheese concoction will delightfully fill that gap.

The cheese wants to bust out all over after you cut it in half or just take a bite.  It feels wonderful in your hand and it just might ruin future patty melt experiences for you.  Be warned.  The GiggleMelt will rock your world!

If you want something jaw dropping, get The Commissioner burger.  It was featured on Man v Food.  They also have a food truck, @giggletrucks.  And, a 32 seat movie theater with food & drink service in the back of the building.  Oh, Giggle Water is the prohibition term for an alcoholic drink.