4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Spring Break time each year in Florida might make the beaches crowded and the highways backed up, but it also can bring friends or family down for some much needed warmth and sunshine.  My ole’ Minnesota Burger Buddy @phatphood makes the trip down to Boca Raton every year.  Yes, it’s across the state from me, but after enjoying over 100 different burgers together up there, I wanted to start stacking them up down here.

We decided to stop and try a Brazilian style burger joint with an extensive Brazilian style burger menu.  They also have a more traditional American style burger lineup to choose from as well.  I went with their signature American style MTB burger.  There is a lot to talk about here.  You want beef?  How about two 6 oz. Angus patties?  Juicy and temped perfectly.  Maybe a little more seasoning.  Cheese?  How about 3 different ones?  Catupiry, a Brazilian cream cheese, Gorgonzola, a blue cheese type & Queijo Prato, another Brazilian soft cheese.  My head is spinning talking about the cheeses, but my taste buds figured it out nicely and there was a lot of cheese.  No slices of bacon on top, but chopped.  I enjoyed that bacon change.  A couple slices of tomatoes and some lettuce sit below all that beef.  Flavorful caramelized onions are in there somewhere.

They call their sauce, Marco’s Brazilian sauce.  It’s a secret recipe homemade mayo.  Wasn’t my favorite to start with, but I warmed up to it.  A good toasted bun cradles it all.  Definitely a solid burger.

We did try a Brazilian style burger, the X Tudo.  All of these Brazilian style burgers have potato sticks and a serious helping of corn.  Unlike any burger I’ve had.  I’d get another one.

Onions rings were elite.  The crunch was amazing!
Desserts were wonderful.