5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I planned a trip down to Fort Myers to attend a Twins Spring Training game for the first time in forever.  I was super pumped to be going.  We decided to go down a day early and I thought we’d stop for lunch at a BBQ place in Sarasota just to knock it off my list.  I had heard some good things about their burgers.  Well, as it turns out, my Twins Spring Training memories just might take a back seat to this amazing burger!

This is one of those burgers you are going to remember.  You’ll plan your trips around it.

It seems I’m always talking about what a smashburger is and how big the patties should be.  I don’t really care anymore as long as you ball it up and smash it on a hot grill.  These patties are 5.5 oz. of an 80/20 fine grind of ground beef.  Owner Ray says they tried many different sized patties and the larger 5.5 oz. patty sears in the juice better.  That’s an understatement.  These patties are juicy AF!  They have a fantastic crust on them and as most BBQ pitmasters, they know how to season their beef.  The seasoning blend is inspired by their steak seasoning.

They give you American cheese on each patty and some wonderful, thicker sliced, sweet grilled onions.  A few tasty thin sliced pickles line the bottom of the soft, nicely toasted, brioche bun, which is where you’ll get a good amount of their delicious secret sauce, drizzled on.

The OG does come as a single patty, and at that 5.5 oz. size, it’s all you’ll need, but you know I’m adding that second patty and I’m glad I did.  I know you can tackle all that delicious, juicy, well seasoned beef.  I also love calling it “The Double OG”.

Mouthole BBQ is located inside Cigar Heritage Bar & Lounge.  They do have signs on the outside of the building, so you won’t miss it.  You better not miss this place.  It is definitely one of the Best Burgers on the Gulf Side of Florida.  I was blown away.

They have a bunch of other burgers on the menu that I’m guessing are incredible, along with all of your traditional BBQ fare, such as brisket and pulled pork, etc.. I’ll be back!