4.0 out of 5.0 stars

What used to be an old, broken down, deserted convenience store, was transformed into a large area, with a shaded outdoor patio that includes shuffleboard, bocce ball, cornhole and ping pong.

There’s nothing Mini about this outdoor area.  It should be called Nebraska Mini Mart Park.  Order at the walkup window.  Your name will be called by a dj sounding voice.  There is indoor seating if you like, but I think you’ll enjoy the awesome patio.

What to order?  Wine, frozen drinks and chicken sandwiches or tenders. Sure.  Beer and a Burger?  Oh yeah!

Some have called their burger an In-N-Out clone.  If you go ingredient by ingredient, I can see similarities.  The biggest difference is In-N-Out puts their veggies and spread below the patties, while @nebraskaminimart loads them up top.

As you can see, I finally found another thin pattied burger.  The patties are thin, the char is pretty good.  The seasoning is decent.  Juiciness is ok.

I don’t see the thicker pieces of iceberg lettuce on a burger very often.  It was a nice surprise and had a crisp crunch.  Fresh tomato slices and fresh raw onions.  American cheese.  A pickle spear.  I’d love a few sliced pickles instead.  The bun is a little smaller, but is soft and reminds me of a well known potato bun.  I like it a lot.  Their 1000 spread is delicious.  This is a good double cheeseburger.  Get the double for sure.