3.5 out of 5.0 stars

There’s a place that’s popping up all across the southern states.  It has some familiarity, but also offers an experience we haven’t quite seen before.

The familiar part of this is that Tiger Woods has become the face of PopStroke.  What you really don’t know until you stop in, is what the exact experience will be.  Most will think it’s mini golf, but mini golf just got a makeover.  There is no windmill or clown’s mouth on either of these courses.  Each PopStroke hole is designed like a real one.  They have fairways, bunkers, contours, curves and many different hole placements.  Both 18 hole courses are a lot of fun, with the red course being a little tougher.  This is a great place to go with friends or family.  They also have cornhole, foosball and ping pong.

That’s a brief description of the golf part, it’s the eat part that took me by surprise.  There is a full service restaurant with a couple of different bar areas.  The menu is led by none other than their Smash Burger.

I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s a short rib & brisket blend of Angus beef.  It comes in a 1/4 pound patty.  You can and should double that.  The patties are charred and juicy enough.  America cheese of course.  You get a little swipe of some sweet bacon jam, a sliced tomato, some leaf lettuce and a very tasty burger sauce.  I had one smashburger with and one without lettuce and tomato.  The soft bun is a potato roll you’ll be very familiar with.

They’ve put together a pretty darn good Smash Burger.  Just feel like a Smash Burger without putting?  Yes, you can go just to eat and drink.

Tuna Nachos – Amazing!