5.0 out of 5.0 stars

A fellow Minnesotan, Emily, just moved down to Sarasota with her family.  Her sister, Katelyn, told her to follow me on Instagram since I recently made the move to the same gulf side of Florida.  Emily contacted me and told me there was a great burger down on Anna Maria island and the owners were from Minnesota.  Once she told me the name of the restaurant, I knew how good the burger was.

The only place I’ve ever seen Smoqehouse spelled this way was at a restaurant up in Northfield, Minnesota, which I reviewed.  As it turns out, the owners, Andy & Heidi, opened up this restaurant the same time they opened up the one in Minnesota.  Pretty good story, right?  What’s pretty good, is this burger.  In fact, it’s fantastic!

You can taste the smoked beef very distinctly.  The smoked brisket is blended with ground beef, hand formed into 1/4 pound patties, grilled on the flattop, seasoned very nicely and is very juicy.  The cheddar cheese is smoked and melted beautifully on the patties.  The caramelized onions have great flavor.  You get a lot of them.  The “smoking gun” on this burger is their super delicious smoq’n sauce.  It’s a mix of ketchup/mayo/house bbq sauce and a few other special ingredients.  It’s amazing and it’s basically poured on.

The bun is so soft and buttery on top.  It feels great.  It comes as a single, get the double.  My only issue is that for some reason they cut the burger in half.  They did ask if I wanted it cut and I said absolutely not!  It was still cut.  Don’t cut this beautiful creation in half.  I’ll try to get them to not do that, but I won’t hold a grudge for very long.

Hit the beautiful beach and then find this beautiful brisket burger!

Hand-cut Fries are fantastic!