4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Apollo Beach is host to the latest entry into the Tampa Bay Area Burger scene.

Tucked away, a little off the beaten path, is a food truck that has some fantastic burgers I think you’ll want to check out.

They have 6 burgers to choose from as well as an option to create your own.  I wanted to check out how my goto build would compare to others.  Satisfied?  Totally!

The star here is the beef.  A super juicy, flavorful 8 oz. blend of chuck, brisket and short rib that kind of melts in your mouth.  Plenty of perfectly melted American cheese.  Delicious caramelized onions, tasty, thin sliced pickles and fantastic Tampa Burger sauce.  The lightly toasted brioche bun is soft and satisfying.  I loved the burger and would definitely stop by again.

Want something other than a burger?  Really?  Ok.  Their menu also features Hot Dogs, Grilled Cheeses and Smashed Potatoes.  If you’re someone that likes to drop the bun when burgering, they’ve come up with a Burger Bowl menu item.  As far as burgers With buns, the Tampa Burger is currently their most popular.  You’ll also notice a burger called the Cottage Burger, which you may have enjoyed at the White Oak Cottage in Lithia.  Now you have a second location to enjoy that very good burger.

Whether you choose from one of their specialty burgers or get creative and build your own, I’m betting you’ll be happy with what you pick up at the window.

They do cook the patties to a medium well temp.  My desired temp is usually medium to medium rare, but I can tell you that the beef will be juicy.

I’m hoping the future looks bright so they can roll out another food truck a little more north.