4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Since moving to Florida, my wife and I have been hitting different beaches, working our way up the Gulf Coast, with the end goal being Pensacola.  This trip we hit a couple of smaller, more off the radar beaches, in Fred Howard Beach & Sunset Beach.  It’s not a sure thing to find a good burger by a good beach, it’s a treat.

When in Tarpon Springs, the Sponge Docks are a must see.  After squeezing all of those sponges, I’d recommend squeezing Tarpon Tavern’s Smash Burger.  I felt comfortable and satisfied working my way through this tasty burger.

A couple of 5oz. patties, charred up, juiced up, cheesed up with white American and seasoned well enough.  Grilled onions added to the mix.  I’d say a softer caramelized style.  Tasty, thin sliced pickles on the bottom and a fantastic smash sauce swiped on.  A solid sesame seed bun, and you’ve got your classic smash burger done right.
You get LTO on the side, leave it there.  You can also get the Smash Burger in a single, don’t.  I’ll come back and have this burger again.

Reviews say get the Buffalo Cauliflower.  I’ll second that.  It’s SO good.  The Tavern Twister Fries are fat and delicious.  Get more of that smash sauce for the fries.