5.0 out of 5.0 stars

One of the very first places we visited in Wesley Chapel was Krate at the Grove.  It’s a collection of nearly 100 shipping containers, turned into restaurants and retail shops.  One of those containers is very special to me.  It was the first burger I had in Wesley Chapel, 2 months before we moved.  It was fantastic back then, but now, it’s even better!

I’ve had this burger quite a few times, and always thought about doubling this bad boy up.  At 5oz.’s, this bacon infused patty sits right at my beef to bun ratio minimum of being OK.  I got a hold of the owner, Josh, to see if I could add a second patty, and if Gouda cheese would be added to that second patty or if I’d have to ask for it.  Josh confirmed that I could add a second patty and it would come with another slice of Gouda cheese, but he also said when doubling it, they add more of their sweet and savory and wonderful house made bacon jam on that second patty.  Talk about being “All In” on the double patty.

Their garlic aioli is magical and you’ll get it on the top and bottom buns.  A little baby spring mix on the bottom, picks up some of that garlic flavor and makes the greens people happy.  It’s a nicely toasted, soft brioche bun from @cusanosbakingcompany.

Most people will order The John Gotti as is and it’s a wonderful, uniquely flavorful creation, but if epic ever enters your mind, double it up and tell me about it.

There’s more bacon throughout the menu.  You can get it on your wings, hotdogs, Mac & cheese, tater tots and fries.