4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I’ve heard from a few people that bacon does not belong on a burger.  That it doesn’t always make a burger better.  It’s certainly a good talking point, but my current response to them would only be 3 words.

“The Bacon Boss” not only makes a burger better with bacon, but its use all throughout their menu, which includes items like mac & cheese, wings, hot dogs, fries and tater tots, make it shine likes the Florida sun.

I always try to start out with the star of the show, and the John Gotti’s star is the homemade bacon jam.  It’s sweet and savory and plentiful.  The bacon jam covers the sweet & creamy Gouda cheese, which blankets a unique “bacon infused”, 1/3 pound beef patty.  It was pretty juicy and seasoned as it should be in this burger.  A delightful garlic aioli is spread on the top bun, which is a nicely toasted, brioche bun from @cusanosbakingcompany.  There are some baby spring mix greens below the patty.  I don’t need a salad with my beef and bacon, so I may have pulled most of them off.

This is a damn good burger.  It’s their second most popular burger, right behind the Mafioso Burger, which just might have to be the next one I try.

@thebaconbosshq started out as a food truck and now has expanded to a brick and mortar, or in actuality, a shipping container, in Wesley Chapel, that is located in the very cool and unique, KRATE, open air, restaurant, shopping mall & entertainment venue that is made up shipping containers.  Come for the Bacon, stay for the music.