4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Zipped up to Ocala for a weekend of concerts at Rock The Country.  I wasn’t sure what we’d find for restaurants, let alone Burgers.  It was kind of a toss up between places, but I usually follow my gut instinct and it didn’t let me down.

I was having trouble deciding between a couple of the burgers on the menu, then I looked at the slider menu and one started speaking to me.  I don’t usually order sliders over full size burgers, but I was feelin’ this one.  Our group was sitting at the bar chatting with our bartender/server, Katie, who was telling us all about her city of Ocala.  She’s a wealth of information.  I asked if they ever made full size burgers off the slider menu.  She said they would for me.  I’m not sure how often they do that, so if it’s crazy busy, they may not.

The short rib & ground chuck, half pound patty, hit a good medium temp, was juicy and seasoned pretty well.  I don’t see manchego cheese very often.  It was creamy and buttery.  It was melted over some very tasty, sweet and savory bacon jam.  Below the patty are a couple slices of tomatoes and they slide a leaf of bibb lettuce under the tomatoes, making sure the juice doesn’t soak the soft, toasted bun.

This was certainly a good way to kick off our weekend.  It’s a good burger.

Their sweet heat chicken wings were fantastic.  Get some homemade sheep sauce for your fries too.

Sit at the bar and slam an ice cold Coors Banquet Beer in the stubby bottle, while talking about the 3 1/2 foot tall bobblehead of Snoop Dogg behind the bar.