4.5 out of 5.0 stars

One thing I learned in Minnesota is that barbecue joints can kick out great burgers as well as great ribs or brisket or pulled pork.  A melt in your mouth brisket that truly wows you is not easy to find.  Imagine my surprise when the beef patty on this burger melted in my mouth.

Front & Center on this baby is the beef.  This 1/2 pound, 100% 80/20 prime brisket grinded @certifiedangusbeef patty is hand pressed, beautifully seasoned, temped nicely and is one of the softest, most melt in your mouth, flavorful beef patties I’ve ever enjoyed.  You can see the juice drip out of it.  The patty is smoked and then seared on the flattop.  This is the beef patty you don’t need anything with to enjoy the heck out of it.

I could shut down this post right now and it would be all you need to know, but I’ll unnecessarily finish.  White cheddar cheese blankets the patty.  The caramelized onions are a thicker cut, which you know I love.  There are a lot of them, which I love as well.  Two strips of tasty bacon on top as well as a few house made pickled Persian cucumbers.  On the bottom bun, there is some pretty darn garlicky, roasted garlic aioli swiped on.  It’s a little thicker like a paste and it’s very good.  I do wish it was swiped on the top bun as well.  The brioche bun is solid.  It’s buttered and toasted nicely.

This brisket grind of beef is something that needs to be experienced.  You won’t find a grind like this very often.  It’s fantastic!

@thebrisketshoppe is known for their brisket.  If it’s as good as this burger, it will be amazing.  Brisket will be my next order.

This barbecue place eases the pain of not having my favorite northern bbq place, @boominbbq, within driving distance.