4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I’ve been talking about what a smashburger is down here in the Tampa area.  Mostly, how a 5 to 6 oz. patty is still called a smashburger by a few places.  Not the case here.  When you pick this beauty up and hold it in your hands, you’ll know what a smashburger truly is.

The patties are bursting outside the bun, covered in melted cheese and addicting sauce, juicy and wonderfully seasoned.  It really is “excellent”, as the name states.  Pete knows how to smash a burger.  You are going to get your fill of beef with two 1/4 pound patties, not just char.  This American Wagyu beef is seasoned beautifully with his special 5 spice blend.  They are Juicy AF as well.  The American cheese melts deep into the beef.  The dank sauce is fantastic.  It resides on the bottom bun with a few sliced pickles and Pete’s kicker, crispy fried onions, which I will say that I pulled off a few and enjoyed them, after I’d taken a few bites.  The brioche bun is soft and beautifully toasted.

This is a smashburger my friends.

Stop by and say hi to Pete and his super mellow dogs, Zeus and Hera.

The name of the food truck?  Think of what Spicoli, from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, might be doing on a typical school night.  Pete supports the cause.

Seasoned Fries – very good.
Nans Banana Puddin – Fantastic!