4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Floridians know you can’t go more than a few miles before you run across a Publix.  I’ve got six of them within 10 miles of my house.  My question is, do you pay attention to the restaurants that are in the same building or strip mall as the Publix?  I’ve found a few hidden gems during my grocery stops.

One thing that we’ve found very valuable in finding good places to eat, is joining local community Facebook pages.  Way more often than not, they are spot on in their reviews.  They love the grilled Caesar salad at The Grill at Morris Bridge and it was great.  I’m not going to review the salad, it’s the Smash Burger that I’m here to talk about.

The two 3oz. beef patties, which are a brisket, short rib & chuck blend, had a soft, tender feel to them.  They were juicy and seasoned ok.  The patties are a little smaller than the bun.  They use thin slices of white cheddar cheese.  I like how they used the leaf lettuce on the bottom bun and put the fresh tomato slice on top of that so the bottom bun doesn’t get soggy.  A few very thin slices of red onions finish the LTO part of it.  Co-owner, Frank, tells me his patrons want the lettuce, tomato & onion on the burger.  The brioche bun is soft and lightly toasted.  The top bun gets a nice squeeze of a delicious, creamy peri peri mayo.

The next time you hit a Publix, look around and see if any places pique your curiosity.  They just might be a hidden gem.

Their address is Tampa, but it is located in the extreme northeast corner of what is known as New Tampa.