4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I love seeing places that are locally owned and community driven.  If they are kicking out good burgers, that’s always a plus.  In monitoring social media as I do, a burger spot kept popping up.  But it’s not just A Burger Spot, it’s Thee Burger Spot.

Family, community and good food are the focus at @theeburgerspot813.  Affectionately, it’s a small hole in the wall.  It has a badass looking burger menu, including Thee Big Boy, Thee Heated One, and their most popular, Thee Glazed One, with a @krispykreme glazed donut bun.

There are a few unique things to a Thee Burger.  The biggest for me is their spice blend.  You’ll notice it.  I can’t really tell if the spices are blended into the beef or just seasoned on the outside.  They are pretty secretive about their burger process.  No luck cracking them.  The second thing is that they top most of the burgers with their Famous Onion Thangs, which are simply, thinly shredded, battered and deep fried onions, which add a little crunch.  The last thing is that they place a pickle slice on top of the bun.  Mine had one both times, but I’ve seen 2 and 3 sometimes.  Couldn’t crack them on that one either.  You can ask for pickles to be inside your burger.

Moving on, the fresh, hand pressed daily, beef, has that unique seasoning and it’s very juicy.  Mine were cooked to a medium well temp both times.  They had a pretty good char on them.  The patties are 1/4 pound and are thick.  American cheese is what I like.  Then a few Onion Thangs are thrown on top.  The bun is solid, lightly toasted.  Let’s talk LTO.  The menu says it’s topped with lettuce, tomato and onions.  It’s actually bottomed with LTO.  All were fresh and tasty.  The thin, stringy, raw onions get bathed in the thin mayo with the shredded lettuce and tomatoes.  It will get a little messy on the bottom.  Don’t wait too long.

I enjoyed this thick and juicy burger very much.