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It’s been 1 year since my wife and I loaded up the cars with our cats and headed south to Tampa.  I left the hundreds of burgers I reviewed in my rear view mirror, looking to find new and exciting burgers in the Tampa Bay area.  I’ve listened, I’ve learned, and I’ve embraced all that this area has to offer.  Every burger is a new experience for me, which allows me to give a fresh and hopefully an informative take on every burger I’ve enjoyed.  I’d like to earn your trust and be a burger source you can rely on.  You may not agree with me all of the time, but if you do most of the time, I’m happy with that. 👍

I’ve made 40 Burger posts this past year.  It’s below my goal of one burger each week, but I don’t post fast food burgers or burgers I can’t recommend from my visits.

These are my Top 10 Burgers in the Tampa Bay Area.  I’m listing them as a Top 10 group instead of by number, as a lot of them could be moved around a little bit on any given day.  If I had to put numbers to them, you should be able to figure it out. 😉  Some people say every burger they talk about is a Top 10 burger, but there are only 10 slots available.  We all have different tastes and opinions, which make it fun to talk about.  If you think a burger is a Top 10 burger, then it is in your burger world.  It’s all good!  Tell me your favorites.

Here are my Top 10 Burgers:

@boulontampa – Le Burger
@mouthole_smashburgersandbbq – The Double OG
@alsbarn_yummyfood – Steak Smash Burger
@uniontampa – Union Cheese Burger
@smoqehouseami – Brisket Burger
@gigglewaters – GiggleMelt
@blackcattleburgers – BCB Burger
@dankaffoodtruck – The Dank Burger (Double)
@burgerculturetampa – Cheeseburger (Single)
@barterhouseybor – Tampa Famous Smash Burger

If there is a burger on this list you haven’t had, plan a visit.  If you decide to make it your mission to try every burger on this list, let me know.  I’d love to hear about each and every one.

My Florida Burger Blog website is listed in my bio.  Check it out.  You can search by restaurant or by burger name or by ingredient if you like.

For all of my followers, old and new, I appreciate you being on this Burger Journey with me.  It’s been a fun year!