4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Food trucks parked at breweries have become a staple in today’s current culinary landscape.  Breweries are setting up regular visits or permanent residencies with certain food trucks.

HOB Brewing Co. knows it has a great thing going with, and basically staked down the Ubuntu Food Truck for the foreseeable future.  Menu items like The Rapture, a shaved ribeye sandwich, loaded pulled pork fries, wings and specials like coconut curry crab rangoons, keep patrons coming back.  Burger?  Of course they have a burger.  This angus patty is 7 oz., juicy and temped to a nice medium.  Creamy white American cheese is a winner.  A sliced tomato gets thrown on top.  On the bottom bun, mayo, lettuce and a few sliced pickles all work together for you.

Where this burger explodes, is with, not one, but two types of bacon.  You’ll get some sliced bacon and some pulled bacon.  Pulled bacon is basically a smoked pork belly, not sliced, but pulled like pulled pork.  A scoop of that is placed on top of the slices of bacon.  That should satisfy your bacon craving.  All this goodness resides in a larger, toasted, locally baked brioche bun that can easily handle it.

I think you’ll enjoy this burger.

The HOB Brewery Co. facility is super cool.  It has a very large outdoor area.  It has a music stage as well as a second level to watch the music.  It’s a very impressive place.  Dog friendly, of course.  Dunedin is a beautiful, charming town.  A great place to walk and bike.  Check it out.

Ubuntu Food Truck does have a second food truck in Pinellas Park.