3.5 out of 5.0 stars

This place is an old service station.  Nostalgic and cool for sure.  Family and dog friendly.  They cook the food in a trailer at the back of the restaurant.  I saw they had a smashburger so I had to stop in.

There are some goods things going on with this burger.  It starts as a double smash.  You add the toppings you want.  I really just wanted some onions and pickles, no lettuce or tomato.  The onions are raw as a default, but I was told they would sauté them for me.  Yes!  I asked for American cheese.  There was a nice smash on the two, thin patties.  The cheese was melted nicely.  The patties were juicy enough.  I would have liked more seasoning on them.  I only asked for onions, but got lettuce and tomato as well.  No worries.  The tomato slice was fresh and the lettuce was as well.  The home made sliced pickles were more like cucumber slices, but no worries.

What was refreshing was the fact that the tomato was on top of the patties and the slice of lettuce was sitting below the patties.  I’ve been running into too many burgers where the tomato is sitting right on the bottom bun and getting the bottom bun soggy.  The slice of lettuce also protects the bottom bun from too many juices hitting the bun.  The top bun was cut a little too thin and the bun was a little over toasted and maybe a little too dense for me, but it was ok.

Two great things to tell you.  Those sautéed onions were fantastic.  Sliced into a little thicker pieces and grilled perfectly.  They added a lot to the burger.  There is no sauce or mayo or aioli on the burger, but they have a Cajun remoulade that is killer.  Swipe it on the bun or dip it or whatever, just get some.  Stop in and let me know what you think.