4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Destination?  A place that people will make a special trip to visit.  I heard it was a shopping destination and might have a good burger.  I heard right.

They use three words to grab you.  Drink. Dine. Shop.  Drink their wine from the Pacific Northwest.  Dine in their Bistro, which features an elevated menu.  Shop in their boutique, which offers unique furniture pieces that ups the home decor experience.  I said pieces.  A lot of pieces.  There are also antique items and a lot more.  There’s a very good chance you’ll be walking out with an item or two you never expected to see.

The Cottage Burger?  It’s a good one.  What stands out is the juiciness of the 8oz., brisket, short rib & chuck, beef patty.  It was seasoned pretty well and temped to my medium preference.  The other stand out was the delicious sweetness of the tomato bacon jam.  They place this bacon jam on top of the patty and then put a slice of fontina cheese over it and torch melt it.  I love the creamy, nutty flavor of the fontina cheese.  More burgers should have it.

For you greens lovers, a handful of peppery arugula tops the bottom bun.  They swipe some of their home made garlic aioli on the bottom bun creating a holding place for the arugula.  They also fry up some crispy shallots that top the cheese.  The brioche bun is perfectly toasted.  Flavorful is a great description for this burger.  Also, many contrasts.  It’s crispy, crunchy, juicy, sweet and smoky, creamy, peppery and garlicky.

There’s no decision to make about getting the Cottage Burger or not.  It’s if you want to shop before or after you dine and drink.  I went right for the burger.